Rafflesia  - the biggest flower in the world! Amazingly there are three (3) types of species found in Belum, namely R. Kerrii, R. Cantleyii and R. Azlanii.

Salt Lick  - a salt nutrient area frequented by wildlife..There are 12 salt lick locations found in Royal Belum.
Aborigines (Orang Asli) Village - Kg. Sg. Kejar, Kg. Sg. Tiang and Kg. Belum Lama are being inhabited by the Jahai and Negrito tribes.
Hornbill - 10 species of hornbills in Malaysia can be found in the Belum forest.
Kelah / Malaysian Mahseer Sanctuary – this type of carp fish can be found in Sg. Riok.
Spot the Wildlife - Visitors will sure to be awed by the nature in the special boat cruises operated by the rainforest guides (upon scheduled tours) to spot wildlife such as elephants, deer, wild boars, birds, insects and tropical trees as well as plants. The state park is also home to  a few endangered animal species such as Malaysian tigers, Sumatran rhinoceros, Malaysian sunbear, tapirs and the white-handed gibbon.
Eco-Tourism Attrations –Nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts are encouraged to try out the numerous jungle trails and river cruises which offers beautiful waterfalls  such as Pulau Tujuh and  amazing views like Pulau Talikail. The Temengor Dam is also an interesting historical highlights to be  experienced and explored in the state park.