Sembilan Island is an area which consists of a cluster of (nine) 9 beautiful islands namely Agas, Payong, Nipis, Rumbia, Lalang, Buluh, Saga, Batu Hitam and Batu Putih, located about 10 nautical miles from Pangkor Island. Sembilan has no accommodation.
It is well-known to anglers for its rich marine life. The boat takes you to the islands in about an hour. Most people visit the island as a day trip. Usually a group of friends or a family rent a boat at the small harbor and they visit the island for a nice picnic. For this, Lalang Island has the best beaches. Some leave very early in the morning to catch fish in the area and then enjoy the freshly cook fish (barbecue) for lunch at one of the nice secluded beaches.
The area between Rumbia Island and Lalang Island is the best location for diving and snorkelling activities as its 15-metre depth is full of beautiful corals. Many locals head out in the weekends for a fishing trip at Sembilan Island. Good news to the anglers - There is a yearly competition for them which is the Sembilan Island Fishing Safari.

Sembilan Island is situated midway along the Straits of Malacca.
Along the Straits of Malacca, there is only one marine park which is the Payar Island Marine Park in Langkawi.
Compared to Payar Island, Sembilan Island has more islands yet to be explored..

The distance from Kuala Lumpur to Belum is nearer as compared to the distance between Kualau Lumpur to Langkawi.

Sembilan Island is not only rich in marine treasures but is also blessed with the lush green forests which is full of flora and fauna and is just a perfect location for recreational activities (land and water) as well as conducting research activities.



The objectives of the State Park Establishment are:

To produce an eco-marine tourism product in Perak.
To provide new job opportunities in the eco-tourism sector to the local communities.
To accelerate the development of the local tourism industry such as Pangkor Island, Lumut, Bagan Datoh and Ipoh.
To open up a bio-marine research centre to public and private institutions of higher learning.
To strengthen the fishery industry and fish production through research.
The beautiful islands offer beautiful and clean beaches as well as eco-marine destinations.
Visitors are able to obtain Maxis and Celcom coverage, which offers good telecommunication and internet access.
Fresh water sources are available in Lalang Island and Rumbia Island.
Located near Pangkor Island and Lumut tourist centre which offer luxury and medium-range hotels.
Blue tears at Pulau Lalang.