Perak State Parks Corporation Calendar

Bil Tarikh Aktiviti Bil Peserta
1. 18-20 Mac 2017 Photograpy Challenge 2017 program is taking pictures of interesting activities for publicity and promotion of the Royal Belum State Park. 40
Bil Tarikh Aktiviti Bil Peserta
1. 23rd Jan 2016 MOTAC and ATM ‘Gotong Royong’ program is a voluntary activity to clean the main areas of tourism in the Royal Belum. 30
2. 23rd Jan 2016 Special visit by Perak Religious Exco is a program organized by the Islamic Religious Office of Hulu Perak. The visit aims to see the beautiful nature and tourism products that available at Royal Belum 20
3. 18th -19th Feb 2016 Visit by DYAM Raja DiHilir Perak is a visit to appreciate the existence of the beautiful nature found in the Royal Belum State Park 25
4. 23rd Feb 2016 “Environmental Awareness Workshop” is a program following the settlement of the State Minister to Hulu Perak district. This workshop aims for the community to acknowledge more about the importance of nature to mankind 200
5. 5th -7th Mar 2016 “Royal Belum Photography Challenge 2016”  organized by the Perak State Parks Corporation and Tourism Perak in collaboration with the Association of Photography and Art Hulu Perak 30
6. 21st -23rd Mar 2016 “Natural Integrity” is a program organized by National Integrity Institute and aims to expose their staff  to the natural environment 60
7. 22nd Mar 2016 “FAMTRIP Media” is a special program to encourage media professionals to promote Perak tourism products following ‘Visit Perak 2017’ 4
8. 29th Mar 2016 “Connecting the unconnected”. Program organized by the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia Malaysia 30
9. 13th May 2016 Work visit by Sarawak State Forestry together with UPEN Perak to Royal Belum 6
10. 21st -23rd May 2016 “Royal Belum Eco Challenge”. A program organized by PTNPk to promote and introduce about water sports and extreme sports activities in the Royal Belum State Park 38
10. 30th Aug 2016 Perak State Parks Corporation had organized Independence Eve celebration program at Perkampungan Orang Asli Aman Damai. It aims to lift up the spirit of independence among the natives in Royal Belum  
10. 12 -13rd Aug 2016 Team Building program organized by Perbadanan Aset Air Berhad ( PAAB ) 130
No. Date Programme Participants
1. 8-11 Okt. 2015 BUNDLE IRON CHALLENGE organized by the Land and District Office with Tourism Perak . A race 12 hours non-stop and have a set time limit . 7 teams from Malaysia and 23 teams from overseas also participated. 200
2. 15-18 Okt. 2015 2ND NATIONAL SEMINAR IN ENVIROMENTAL JUSTICE 2015 - Organized by the Office of the Chief Registrar of the Malaysian Federal Court with the American Embassy Kuala Lumpur and the Department of Justice of the United State(DOJ). 200
3. 18-20 Okt. 2015 FAM TRIP ROYAL BELUM - Organized by Tuorism Malaysia Perak and NCIA to promote tourism products centred on eco-Tourism . 60
4. 28 Nov. 2015 2015 ROYAL BELUM TEMENGGOR CHALLENGE - A fishing competition organized by Perak Fisheries Departmentand Hulu Perak District Office 100
5. 11-13 Dec. 2015 MY MOMENT ROYAL BELUM VOLUNTOURISM - organized by NCIA and Perak State Parks Corporation and 1 Malaysia For Youth ( IM4U ), to instil voluntourism towards cleanliness and care of the natural environment 70
No. Date Programme Participants
1. 26-28 March 2014 Photography at Royal Belum organised by the office of Perak Tourism and Culture. 100
2. 22-24 April 2014 Awareness programme with WWF Malaysia on Sg. Kejar Orang Asli (indigenous) communities. 250
3. 8-9 May 2014 Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib bin Tun Abd Razak visit to the Sg. Tiang Orang Asli village. 200
4. 26-28 May 2014 Introduction to community-based Eco Tourism programme sponsored by WWF with Perak State Parks Corporation. 100
5. 22-24 June 2014 Royal Belum arts and culture programme organised by Perak State Parks Corporation. 200
6. 22-24 June 2014 ‘Royal Belum Celebrity and Ambassador’ organised by the office of the Perak Tourism and Culture. 100
7. 5-7 September 2014 ‘Royal Belum Bird Expedition’ organised by the Perak State Parks Corporation with Malaysia Nature Society. 80
8. 20 September 2014 Working visit to Royal Belum by the Deputy Chief Secretary of Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia together with the Director-General. 60
9. 13-14 October 2014 ‘Royal Belum Intellectual Discourse’ organised by Perak Tourism Association at Syuen Hotel Ipoh. 200