North of Peninsula Malaysia lies Royal Belum, a 130-million year old rainforest which has been an important ecosystem to man and nature. A water catchment area rich in biodiversity, Royal Belum helps sustain the climate not just in our country but on the planet as well.  In fact, it is acknowledged to be the ‘Mega Malaysia Biodiversity Hub’ (MMBH) as it helps protect various substantial biologies that are still present and other living species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

The care and management given to the biodiversity in Royal Belum has broadly contributed to education, recreation and aesthetics, besides generating revenue for the state, country and local residents.

Royal Belum is capable of attracting scientists, naturalists, researchers, explorers and students who have found this new eden interesting.  Naturalists are awed by the beauty, flora and fauna of this rainforest.  For those interested in rugged sports, new challenges beckon.

The Perak state government has gazetted the forested area north of Belum, covering 117,500 hectares, as a nature park and is now known as the Royal Belum State Park. A primary management plan has been established to serve as a guideline to the Perak State Parks Corporation (PTNPk) with considerations for the importance of the environment to be preserved for future generations.

PTNPk also oversees the Pulau Sembilan State Park consisting of nine islands namely Pulau Rumbia, Pulau Lalang, Pulau Agas, Pulau Nipis, Pulau Payong, Pulau Buloh, Pulau Saga, Pulau Batu Putih and Pulau Batu Hitam.  The park is situated 10 nautical miles from Pangkor Island.

These islands are well-known to anglers as various types of marine life abound here.  This, together with the flora and fauna, can make Pulau Sembilan a draw in marine and eco tourism as well as research.

For ideal tourism, an integrated approach and low-impact development have been adopted.  This will ensure that the natural resources are protected and sustained.  Tourism will create job opportunities for the local residents and at the same time help support a better management system for the environment.

In future, PTNPk hopes to gazette more areas deemed suitable as parks such as the Kinta Nature Park and Gua Tempurung.  This is to ensure that natural areas are protected for their eco systems and biodiversities so that the state government can thrust Perak to be a centre for nature tourism.

Thank you.  Come, let’s explore Perak.


Chief Minister of Perak Darul Ridzuan

Peace be upon you, and greetings from Perak Aman Jaya.

I am very grateful to the Perak State Parks Corporation and for their initiative to set up a website to share with the people.

The Perak state government has indeed desired to promote the Royal Belum State Park as an arm of eco-tourism and an international study centre.  Various programmes and promotions have been carried out to this effect.

Royal Belum has many attractions.  Among the flora found there are three species of the Rafflesia – R.Kerrii, R.Cantleyii & R.Azlanii.  The park is also known as the ‘Hornbill Capital of the World’ where ten species of these birds can be found, unrivalled by anywhere else on earth.  Even Sarawak, renowned for hornbills, has less.

There are various types of accommodation available in Royal Belum, ranging from  4-star hotels to chalets and camp sites made available by the Perak State Parks Corporation.
I hope this website will enable the promotion of eco-tourism in Royal Belum which is already a pride to the people of Perak.

Royal Belum is indeed unique.  On behalf of the state government, I warmly welcome local and foreign visitors here.  Come, let’s explore Perak!


Chairman, Committee for Tourism, Arts and Culture
Perak Darul Ridzuan.


Peace be upon you, and greetings from Perak Aman Jaya.

My deep appreciation goes to the Chief Minister of Perak, Dato Seri DiRaja Dr Zamby bin Abdul Kadir, who is also the Chairman of the Perak State Parks Corporation, and to Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Dato’ Mohammed Radzi,  Chairman of the Committee for Tourism, Arts & Culture, and especially to the Perak state government.

The Perak State Parks Corporation also express our thanks to the Northern Corridor which has contributed and assisted us to set up this official website.

In the current era of globalisation and advanced telecommunications, the Perak State Parks Corporation sees this website as aptly important to introduce and promote the state’s (nature) parks to tourists as well residents.  Places like Royal Belum and Pulau Sembilan are thus brought into the virtual world and are choice locations to visit in Perak.

I warmly welcome visitors to see for themselves and enjoy these parks under the Corporation because they truly abound in uniqueness and beauty -  the Royal Belum State Park and Pulau Sembilan. Thank you. Come, let’s explore Perak.



General Manager
Perak State Parks Corporation.